How to Give an Excellent Presentation (College Students)

College Seminars are conducted to test the presentation skills of a student or a group and also allow the student to convey his/her knowledge to the audience.Most students don't come prepared,the presentation will eventually look faded and dull. It would make him/her confused during the presentation and lead to vague answers during the questionnaires.


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    Connect with your audience. "Preparation" is the most important task one has to do when it comes to "presentation." Being prepared and having good knowledge about the topic that is to be presented will create interest among the audience and will not let them sleep all throughout your presentation. Capture the attention of your audience. Create soft humor which will add a boost to your interaction with them.
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    Be studious. Presentations usually involves PowerPoint slides. It is important to select the right font, font size, and theme of the slides. Keep it formal!
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    Be interactive. Involve the audience. Ask them few questions related to your topic. Keep it Short though because overdoing it would like Debate rather than Presentation.
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    Look at the audience when you are talking about the topic. If you are distracted by some one, look at other side of the audience. Don't just read out the key points from the slides because the audience aren't blind.
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    Manage your time. The presentation should last for the time given to you. Don't extend the presentation, since there are others waiting for their chance too.
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    Encourage your peers. Helping your friends if they find it hard to give the presentation will boost your skills since you get to know the difference in a good and a bad presentation.
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    Answer and don't question. When you are done with the presentation, it is time for the question round. When questioned, don't give vague answers, make sure your answer is simple and clearing everything which is asked and never question the person who is questioning you.It will be an insult to them.
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    Ask for feedback from the audience. This helps you know what went wrong or if you have given a good presentation.

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  • How can I avoid being nervous during my presentation?
    Answered by wikiHow Contributor
    • Personally, I would recommend thinking of something that makes you happy, or something that makes you laugh. If that doesn't work, try to speak encouraging words to yourself for motivation. There are also some articles on wikiHow that can help you manage your nerves, like How to Avoid Being Nervous and How to Deal with Being Nervous.
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  • How can I make the audience eager to listen to my topic?
    Answered by wikiHow Contributor
    • Unfortunately, you can't make anyone listen to your topic, but you can do things that might help keep them engaged. Try to be enthusiastic, memorize your speech, and maintain eye contact. Also, try to make the sound/tune of your voice sound more enthusiastic than the topic really is.
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  • What can I do if I am a speed talker and stammer when I get very nervous?
    Answered by wikiHow Contributor
    • Think, rehearse, think again about what you are saying and say it slowly. Even if you aren't used to talking slow, force yourself.
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  • Are project presentations mandatory in college?
    Answered by Pink_Star
    • Presentations may not be mandatory in every class, but it's almost a guarantee that during at least one of your classes in college, you'll have to give a presentation.
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  • How should my body language be while giving a presentation?
    Answered by wikiHow Contributor
    • You want to look confident and engaging to your audience. Gesturing with your hands might be useful, but don't go over the top and end up distracting your audience from the content of your presentation. Project your voice, try to stand up straight, and keep your face bright and awake.
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  • Take 10 belly breaths if you have last minute stage fright.
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  • Use images in your slides.
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  • Always keep a smile; don't ever keep a "zombie" face.
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  • Come early to the venue where you will be presenting.
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  • If you find anyone yawning,do not get discouraged. Its just a natural phenomenon.
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  • Never turn your back to the audience while giving a presentation.
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  • Answer to the questions asked to you after the presentation, do not divert or change the topic.
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