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"Keep a Man Interested" was or will be a featured article on 2018-02-07. If you see a way this article can be made even better, please feel free to edit it. said:

This article is disgusting. I am not a feminist but this article made me want to be. Cater to men? Always look nice for them? Please. Chauvinist. said:

This article was extremely sexist. I couldn't believe my eyes.

At 18:35, Aug 19, 2007 said:

pretty sexist!

At 06:12, Oct 07, 2007 said:

haha, seduce a man.

At 01:45, Nov 02, 2007 said:

It is a bit sexist, i mean "a woman should cater to a man so he feels like a king" what kind of advice is that?!

At 01:50, Nov 02, 2007 said:

Is there a way to flag this? I mean this is VERY BAD advice! what if teenagers see this?

At 14:43, Jun 09, 2008 said:

I think it should be taken with a grain of salt and not literally.

At 02:35, Sep 15, 2008 said:

not only is it sexist, but it is the best way to make someone become quickly bored with you...

At 21:48, Nov 20, 2008 said:

wow. sexist dusgusting. not even close to what i was thinking. maybe all these women are single and probably over thirty. if teenagers see this some of the points of wanting to look good at all times should automatically be what they want for themselves. regardless of a man in this world your image sets the stage. it is sad but true. and for mothers they should be teaching their children, woman or male to be an individual, so that way they can make the right decision for themsleves. there is nothing wrong with catering to a man just make sure the man you cater to is more than willing to give the same and more. that's where women make the mistake. it sucks period that we have to do this but suck it up this is the modern world. i bet all you woman like wearing the latest victoria secret and hottest coach bag to show off yourself. well when you are with someone you want them to look good to show them off the same for men. so please be realistic

At 01:22, Dec 08, 2008 said:

I edited some of the tips so they weren't so sexist.

At 04:32, Apr 26, 2009 said:

Give him a massage? And don't expect one for yourself til the weekend? Wow. Are we living in some kind of time warp?

At 00:54, May 24, 2009 said:

They forgot to mention, you should ALWAYS have dinner ready for your man...even if this means going in to work early so that you can be home in time to have dinner ready. Also, don't fix the same meal more than once in a month...you want to show your man just how exciting and versatile you can be. This will especially come in handy several years into your marriage (that is if you're lucky enough to get married)!! Very helpful article!! I followed every suggestion, and I've been married for two months now. I've never felt so good!!

At 21:45, Apr 01, 2014 said:

Here's my suggestion...delete the article completely.

It's not a job for a woman to keep her man interested. A woman's job is to make sure she is happy, no matter what. If she is making her man more happy than he's making her, then something needs to change. A relationship's not a one-way street headed to Penisville.

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