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Twerty said:

Nominated for Deletion. Pretty much sums up to 'Wake up and do your homework'.

ashley said:

I think this page should not be deleted because it might ould help some people.

Katie R. said:

I think it needs some cleanup, but I don't think it should be deleted.

1guitarhero2 said:

It needs cleanup, but also it's not a joke page.

Twerty said:

Fine, fine. I've removed 'possible joke page'. I wasn't sure if the author was serious about this page or not, because it's so obvious...

Flickety said:

I've added new content. I think it can be very helpful to some people to swap around their homework schedules. I know I did it for a while when necessity called for it. Thankfully the night owl won out again. :)

I don't support deletion on the biased ground I added more to this. :)


Sondra C said:

I do not support deletion

Tom Viren said:

Removing nfd, based on discussion.

Cookie1134 said:

Will you even have enough time on other occasions? Never worked for me anyway. said:

I agree/disagree a lot:

  1. 1 Can help some, so I kind of agree, but I've my own system on that.
  1. 2 I agree on this one, but it has nothing to do with getting up early (for this search for "how to get up when the alarm goes off" on google)
  1. 3 I disagree with this one, have a fast routine, if you aim for 8 hours of sleep then don't make it into 7!? Follow your plan, if you've planned how to get the things done, then going up one hour earlier may just result in you getting slow or you not getting up at all. Stick to the good habits.
  1. 4 I don't know if it's how it works, but I agree.
  1. 5 I'm not planning on drinking that, until now I've been able to do without, so I wouldn't say it's a must, so I disagree.
  1. 6 Doing the most important first, hard or easy doesn't really matter does it? Everyone have their own style.
  1. 7 Completely agree with this one.

Tip#1 Disagree

Tip#2 Agree

Warning#1 Don't know if it's true, but I agree.

At 03:05, Nov 02, 2007

Chelsss.Chelsss. said:

I do this alot. ALOT.


I'm on the Honor Roll. Hah :D

At 12:53, Sep 07, 2008

PoppulatePoppulate said:

Well it's pretty helpfull for people like me who are in the FIFTH GRADE!

At 01:12, Apr 28, 2009

GoSummerGoSummer said:

This is the best article on wikihow that i have read. Do not delete it. Iit is definetly not a joke page. A lot of people( like me), actually do this because they are busy in the evenings.

At 03:12, Apr 05, 2011 said:

It's nice to simply get up, get some breakfast, and do homework in the nice quiet of the early morning. Quite relaxing to. I did it before, I'm gonna try tomorrow, because... well it is midnight here! :D

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