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At 05:05, Jun 07, 2011 said:

actually i m in 10th std i want to choose a best career for myself ..can u plz tell me which technology is going to come in next 10 years.

At 19:36, Nov 20, 2013

PatricaM8238PatricaM8238 said:

I would recommend that anyone who is young take a lot of care with this decision. Figure out what you want to do and don't waste time while figuring it out

At 15:37, Jul 30, 2014 said:

A more detailed explanation on how to choose the career would make the article more perfect.

At 04:47, May 23, 2015 said:

i finished my 10th and i have no idea about my career....i am not able to understand what im interested in the most ....i cant find my destination to decide the way...

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