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This page should stay the same because its very different to ask a girl to the movies (a dark place, alone with a strange guy) than it is to go to a dinner date. said:

I agree. Girls feel more delicate when they are in a dark place with a stranger. Even more so if its a scary movie.

Krystle said:

I also disagree with the merge.

The merge tag's been removed because while this article is related to the one it was tagged to be merged to, it's not quite similar enough to be merged according to the merge policy. It's on a more specific topic--asking a girl to see a movie with you--which, as mentioned above, can be a bit more difficult. This article, as it's currently titled, provides room for information that wouldn't necessarily fit in the other articles that currently exist on wikiHow.

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I don't like how this guide suggests that you invite the girl along with some of your friends. It's a lot more personal, and more 'dateish' if it's just you and the girl. said:

This doesn't really work if you were asking her out for your birthday. I am planning on asking a girl to the movies for my birthday, and in this case, it is not accurate. said:

I have a question, I go highschool and theres this amazing girl in one of my classes. We're friends and she gave me her #, now what? Should I ask now or wait? I dont want to mess up and lose her. said:
I think having a pda is a good idea i am just going to ask am girl out thanks guys for your support. said:
Hmm...next week I have a date like this one...look how it works xD. said:
furry fish need friends too said:

um person whose asking girl from his class ..

You should go for it but say as friends.. If she shows any signs she;s interested then why not flirt a little..

maybe in the end you can ask her to go out on a real date ; ) said:
make it realistic.

At 02:32, Aug 26, 2007 said:

i think that when you are asking a girl to the movies, be calm. dont talk to fast, cuz you might studder and sheel laugh at you and think your a joke. talk smoothly and calmy, like to one of your friends. when she says yes, dont act like ur extrelemly exiceited, play it cool. say, ok ill talk to you later? o, ill call you ( only if you know here number). if she says no, play it cool, say ok,ill talk to you later then. i hope this was helpful. =]

At 02:33, Aug 26, 2007 said:

ps, balls and weiners!

chuck and larry

At 06:05, Sep 17, 2007 said:

thank you very much!!!! i will try this out tomorrow

At 22:47, Dec 17, 2007 said:

You would be surprised who carries a can of mace nowadays. XD

At 07:08, Feb 17, 2008 said:

Women should ask men out .. Men have been asking women out for the last hundred years. Women don't want equal rights, they want superior rights. Selfish creatures.

At 00:32, Mar 11, 2008 said:

Man i need advice, theres this girl in myclass but i have no idea if she liks me, i try all those "give her 2 second glances and see if she looks back" but she doesnt look back! i have heard rumours that she likes me but i have lerned not to trust rumours in many hard ways :( but i told my friend who told about 7 other pepl and its only like a day til school! heeeellllppppp!!!!!!

At 00:18, Mar 16, 2008

BlueeyedbeautyBlueeyedbeauty said: friend telling other peeps might not be a bad thing. If 1 of them tells her ull be guranteed 2 find out how she feels so in the mean time just keep doin what ur doin.If not,and if she's not getting ur hints,ur gonna hafta be a bit more blunt, and if ur really feeling brave just tell her u like her! i would be sooo flattered if a guy had the guts 2 come and tell me and if shes really as great as u seem 2 think, she will be 2! Good luck!

At 23:05, May 01, 2008 said:

"Avoid anything too serious, intellectual, or depressing." "Hey, you wanna go see Schindlers List/Letters from Iwo Jima?"

At 21:28, May 24, 2008 said:

okay people! i need some help. there this girl in one of my classes.i really like her! we got a prom comin up in a few months time and i was wondering what would be the most suitable way 2 ask her? we got similar interests and that, but im just not sure when 2 ask her . nor how! Please get back 2 me any1!! cheers and thanks!

At 15:54, May 28, 2008 said:

ok i have liked this girl for a while and weve always been friends i have her number so i was wondering should i ask her out by txt i suck at talking to girls so i studder and i always txt her so should i?

At 19:15, Jun 04, 2008 said:

i'm only 12 but i was wondering if some of u guys could give me some advice on how to ask her to a movie? lease i'm desperate and my 5 sisters aren't helping. someone please give me advice.

At 03:08, Sep 08, 2008 said:

Hey just be yourself and get to know her a little then ask her what types of movie she likes and the next day invite her to go see a movie

At 17:01, Dec 13, 2008 said:


At 00:18, Jan 15, 2009 said:

I have a Question, this this girl in my class that i used to sit next to and talked to a little bit but i still dont know her well. wats a good way to get to know her better and later ask her out?

At 09:57, Feb 06, 2010 said:

When a change/edit adds to clarity and quality of an article, it doesn't need to be UNDO. This is a communal effort. UNDO can easily discourage people to put in some quality effort.

In reply to some of the questions: Before asking a girl out, take time to develop skill at casual conversation. Make it a habit to talk to girls without expecting something. When you meet someone special, you will put together coherent sentences, and you will not stuTTer.

Simply start talking about things you have in common, people you know, movies you were watching, different topics. Whatever is on your mind, will eventually come out, so work on your character, too. When she sees that you are a normal person, she will want to know more about you. Keep it simple and short, and excuse yourself after five or ten minutes, and go do a homework, or something else important, that shows you have a life, and are responsible. Even better, when starting a conversation, mention in your second sentence that you have few minutes before you have to do (this or that important...), but you heard/read about (this and that interesting concert/movie/gathering...), and it sounds like a great fun, and you wanted to ask her if she would be interested in checking it out with you... Have ready answers as to what, when, where, how, who else is going... and make sure it is not putting her in any danger. You want her folks to trust you when they meet you eventually... This will show her how valuable her time is to you.

Don't spend hours in conversation unless she is in some kind of trouble and needs support. Take and give in bits and pieces of time; spend more time on *activities* you both love, and are fun. You can always talk about what happened, when you share activities. Time limit keeps a conversation interesting, and you can then easily add on to previous conversations.

Watch funny movies, read witty jokes, and you will develop a sense of humor. Learn her interests. Think about fun, but safe, activities you could do. If you approach her for the first time, and she says she is too busy, you could ask if such and such day is good for her (have different options ready, that will work for both of your schedules). If she is still not interested, be a gentleman, be friendly, and wish her a good day... She is more likely to change her mind later, if you are not going to act desperate...

Then, take a deep breath, and go with your friends do something fun. Next day talk to a different girl, without any expectations or suggestions, and eventually you will find someone interesting, or you will hear from your friends someone is interested in you. It's simple.

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